Matthew Yemma

Matthew Yemma, Senior Vice President – Media Relations 

Matt Yemma is a media relations specialist with more than 12 years’ experience working with top-tier legal, financial services, fintech, and tech clients.  Matt has a proven track record of creatively and consistently delivering impactful placements and executing campaigns and projects for clients in the professional services realm.

Earlier in his career, Matt built a financial services practice and helped manage media relations for some of the country’s largest law firms at Infinite Global. Before that, Matt served as an Account Executive at Intermarket Communications. During the financial meltdown of 2007/2008, Matt helped manage the communications strategies of many key players in the financial services community such as Russell Investments and KBW.

Matt began his career as a political operative, working with the Nevada Democratic Party, as Press Aid for the Speaker of the Nevada Assembly, and as Deputy Press Secretary with Obama for America.  He graduated on the dean’s list in 2006 from The University of Redlands in Southern California with a BA in English; Writing. 



An Alternative View

Peaks Strategies’ clients are changing things.

They are smart enough, bold enough, and confident enough to understand how things are done today and to know that they can be done better, faster and in completely new ways tomorrow.

In technology, investments, biotech, healthcare, marketing, human capital, data science, luxury and other areas, Peaks Strategies’ clients are building the future with real, better alternatives.

And in that quest for better, Peaks Strategies’ clients want a PR partner who shares that attitude in order to cut through the clutter, see beyond today and the obvious, and change things.  They want an alternative to today’s cookie cutter, mass produced, overweight, slow-moving PR firms.

In a landscape of sameness, Peaks Strategies is the alternative.

Like our clients, we see, imagine, and act different.

Peaks Strategies evolves to meet the changes and challenges of today’s marketplace. Investment managers are constantly changing their approach to better fit the current state of the market. In much the same way, Peaks is nimble, adaptive, and constantly changing to meet the challenges our clients face. In the past year, Peaks has brought on new talent, has expanded to new markets globally, embraced AI & machine learning, and added the new alternatives – crypto currency, blockchain, and more FinTec clients.

Peaks Strategies is a full service public relations firm specializing in a wide array of sectors. Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, Peaks seeks to define, differentiate, promote, and protect, each of its clients.