Armel Leslie

Armel Leslie, Partner

Armel Leslie is a Partner at Peaks Strategies delivering integrated brand-building campaigns for clients across the capital markets ecosystem including traditional and alternative asset management, professional services, financial technology and trade bodies/consortia.

Armel started his career with Tom Walek at Walek & Associates in 1999 where he rose to a Partner by the time of its sale to integrated PR/marketing agency Peppercomm in 2013, where Armel was Senior Director of Capital Markets. Following his time at Peppercomm, Armel was a Senior Vice President at Sloane & Company, where he oversaw some of the firm’s leading financial services clients.

He graduated cum laude with a BA in History from Baruch College (CUNY), where he worked at the Press Office his senior year. A Native of South Africa, he also attended the University of South Africa (UNISA). He is a Board Member and Treasurer of American Friends of Tikvot, a philanthropic organization headquartered in Israel.



An Alternative View

Peaks Strategies’ clients are changing things.

They are smart enough, bold enough, and confident enough to understand how things are done today and to know that they can be done better, faster and in completely new ways tomorrow.

In technology, investments, biotech, healthcare, marketing, human capital, data science, luxury and other areas, Peaks Strategies’ clients are building the future with real, better alternatives.

And in that quest for better, Peaks Strategies’ clients want a PR partner who shares that attitude in order to cut through the clutter, see beyond today and the obvious, and change things.  They want an alternative to today’s cookie cutter, mass produced, overweight, slow-moving PR firms.

In a landscape of sameness, Peaks Strategies is the alternative.

Like our clients, we see, imagine, and act different.

Peaks Strategies evolves to meet the changes and challenges of today’s marketplace. Investment managers are constantly changing their approach to better fit the current state of the market. In much the same way, Peaks is nimble, adaptive, and constantly changing to meet the challenges our clients face. In the past year, Peaks has brought on new talent, has expanded to new markets globally, embraced AI & machine learning, and added the new alternatives – crypto currency, blockchain, and more FinTec clients.

Peaks Strategies is a full service public relations firm specializing in a wide array of sectors. Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, Peaks seeks to define, differentiate, promote, and protect, each of its clients.