Client News

Peaks client Quantitative Brokers Provides Research Featured in The Wall Street Journal
Futures Exchange Reins In Runaway Trading Algorithms
CME takes emergency measures to combat surging data volumes in Eurodollar futures

Peaks client Hercules Investments joins CNBC to discuss South Africa’s dire bond ratings
As South Africa’s economy prepares to exit level 5 of Covid-19 lock-down’s at midnight, the country’s bonds are also counting down to their exclusion from the World Government Bond Index (WBGI). Economist had forecast an exodus of between $8 to $11 billion in capital outflows that would follow South Africa’s exit from the WBGI. This would be outflows from foreign investors whose mandates do not allow them to hold junk rated bonds in their portfolio. Do these forecasts still stand or has Covid-19 changed things? Rashaad Tayob, Fund Manager, Abax investments and James McDonald, CEO & CIO of Hercules Investments join CNBC Africa for more….

Peaks client James McDonald, CEO & CIO of Hercules Investments, joins Yahoo Finance live during the opening bell
Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Alexis Christoforous break down the market action with Hercules Investments CEO James McDonald.

Peaks client Repvblik speaks with Globe St about adaptive reuse of distressed hotels during COVID19
Empty Hotels May Be A New Affordable Housing Opportunity
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, buildings are sitting vacant, and budgets are being slashed.

Peaks client Four Twenty Seven is featured on the Cover of Barron’s
An Exclusive Look at the Companies Most Exposed to Climate Change Risk — and What They’re Doing About It. Since taking over the global supply chain for Merck in 2012, Craig Kennedy has handled tornadoes, droughts, and powerful storms.

Peaks client Randall Bolten Pens Op-Ed for Tampa Bay Times on Whether or Not US is Doing Enough Testing during COVID19
Are we doing enough testing? It’s not even close. | Column
No country with as many cases per capita has performed fewer tests per capita than the United States, writes a Silicon Valley CFO.

Peaks client Province Brands of Canada speaks with BNN Bloomberg 
Bloomberg reports that Truss CEO Brett Vye expects cannabis-infused beverages will make up 20 per cent to 30 per cent of the Canadian pot market. The company is poised to lead the category as well, and has developed a portfolio of several different types of beverages that will be ready for Canada’s edibles debut on Dec. 16.

Peaks client Trait Biosciences is featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal
Cannabis Drinks Confront a Serious Buzz Kill—They Taste Terrible

Peaks client Quantitative Brokers writes an article for ETF Insider on The Hidden Treasure in Treasury Trading 
The importance of the US Government Bond market cannot be overstated. As the Federal Reserve itself has ​described​: “It is widely regarded as the deepest and most liquid securities market in the world, playing a critical role in the global economy and in the Federal Reserve’s implementation of monetary policy.”

Peaks client Four Twenty Seven is mentioned in the Financial Times 
Tampa Bay cities prepare for rising sea levels and storm risk. Response to climate change has become a central theme of local politics

Peaks client Michael Priem, of Modern Impact, Speaks with The New York Times on Quitting Facebook 
I Deleted Facebook Last Year. Here’s What Changed (and What Didn’t). Our personal tech columnist didn’t lose touch with his true friends — but strange things did occur, including Instagram thinking he was a woman.

Peaks client Four Twenty Seven is interviewed on NPR’s MarketPlace about the changing nature of climate change 
Our series “How We Survive” is focused on how tech can help humanity adapt to climate change. The list of tech adaptation solutions is long and broad, and includes existing technology as well as innovations we’re just starting to develop.

Peaks client Trait BioSciences is featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal 
Cannabis drinks are hitting the global market, promising anxiety reduction, pain relief and better sleep. One thing none of them tout is taste. “Like a barnyard,” Ron Silver, owner of Bubby’s restaurant in New York, says of the cannabis oil used to make weed-infused drinks.

Peaks client Province Brands of Canada is featured in NBC News 
Joint effort? Breweries add cannabis to their beer to fight rise in popularity of legal marijuana. Beer is going to be one of the biggest markets for marijuana-based products, say cannabis entrepreneurs. “You don’t get with your friends and chug a bunch of sparkling water or coffee.”

Peaks client Quantitative Brokers speaks with MarketWatch 
Why bond traders are breathing a sigh of relief over a tentative deal to avoid another government shutdown. Some see CFTC positioning data as crucial during the ‘calendar roll’ period for interest-rate futures.

Peaks News

Peaks works with semi-pro football player James McDonald, to launch his new Registered Investment Advisor, Hercules Investments
Award-winning derivatives investment management executive James A. McDonald, Jr. today announced that he has launched Hercules Investments LLC, a Los Angeles-based Registered Investment Advisor.

Thomas Walek Writes Article on Five Rules for Interviews in a New Media Era for the CFA Institute
Five Rules for Interviews in a New Media Era. President Donald Trump’s precedent-shattering approach to press relations has set a new tone in the media. Executives and business leaders from all industry sectors who sit for interviews should know that they will now face a more aggressive — and defensive — media.

Peaks Strategies Awarded Best North American PR Firm in 2018 by HedgeWeek, for HedgeWeek US Awards 2018 
Hedgeweek US Awards 2018
Best North American PR Firm
Winner: Peaks Strategies

Thomas Walek Launches Peaks Strategies — April, 2016
Thomas Walek today announced the launch of Peaks Strategies, a strategic
communications firm serving financial services and capital markets clients. Peaks Strategies defines,
differentiates, promotes and protects clients in a marketplace undergoing profound changes.


An Alternative View

Peaks Strategies’ clients are changing things.

They are smart enough, bold enough, and confident enough to understand how things are done today and to know that they can be done better, faster and in completely new ways tomorrow.

In technology, investments, biotech, healthcare, marketing, human capital, data science, luxury and other areas, Peaks Strategies’ clients are building the future with real, better alternatives.

And in that quest for better, Peaks Strategies’ clients want a PR partner who shares that attitude in order to cut through the clutter, see beyond today and the obvious, and change things.  They want an alternative to today’s cookie cutter, mass produced, overweight, slow-moving PR firms.

In a landscape of sameness, Peaks Strategies is the alternative.

Like our clients, we see, imagine, and act different.

Peaks Strategies evolves to meet the changes and challenges of today’s marketplace. Investment managers are constantly changing their approach to better fit the current state of the market. In much the same way, Peaks is nimble, adaptive, and constantly changing to meet the challenges our clients face. In the past year, Peaks has brought on new talent, has expanded to new markets globally, embraced AI & machine learning, and added the new alternatives – crypto currency, blockchain, and more FinTec clients.

Peaks Strategies is a full service public relations firm specializing in a wide array of sectors. Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, Peaks seeks to define, differentiate, promote, and protect, each of its clients.